Discover shared lessons for all UK nations from this London project: Improving Education Infrastructure and SCPHN Student Expansion.

You will learn: to support better recruitment and retention of the SCPHN workforce and to maintain quality post-registration teaching, learning and assessment for students within 0-19 services.  

Speaker: Jenny Gilmour
Innovative projects 1: Improving education infrastructure

Jenny is a legacy Specialist Community Public Health Nursing health visitor and former clinical director for 0-19 Tower Hamlets.  

She has held many senior clinical roles including service development lead 0-19, project lead for the Improving Education Infrastructure initiative and increasing SCPHN student placements. She was also responsible for commissioning the new 2024 standardised Practice Assessment Pad and ePAD for SCPHN, which is aligned to new NMC SPHN Standards for Proficiency (2022). 

‘I am delighted to be invited to attend the conference and looking forward to presenting as the project lead for this innovation funded by NHSE WTE (previously HEE) London Region. I’m keen to share the project learning and outputs with attendees as it is critical to all our futures.’

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